About Me

About Me


Hi everyone my name is Cristina Tarantino. I am an author, blogger, and photographer. I love to be creative, to read and write, and to travel, seeing new places with my camera. Hiking up a mountain while reflecting on life is a big hobby of mine. Nature is always so peaceful, and not to mention fascinating.

My Past, Present, & Future

I spent 13 years as a military spouse, with duty stations like Puerto Rico, Germany, and NC. I also took the time to go to University, getting my B.A in English Literature. I love going to school, and am still debating if I should do my Masters. My sister calls me the career student lol. Did I mention I went to school while working full time, and raising two boys because my husband was deployed for longer than a year. Well where there is a will, there is a way!

Anyhow, in 2007 I converted to Islam while my husband was deployed to Iraq. Ten years later I have finished my memoir, which consists of journal entries, starting on the day before my husband’s first deployment, and I am hoping to publish it soon. After two deployments my husband separated from the Army, and we moved to Florida. We spent four struggling years there, and eventually moved back to Germany, which is where we are residing right now.

And that is me in a nutshell.