Panic Attacks – Write Down Your Emotions And Symptoms – No Danger Here

Fear and more fear, that is what a panic attack is all about, fear! Yes many people, and I was once one of them, use the expression of “oh wow I had a panic attack” when commenting on something scary, or something they felt a bit shook up. However, I never realized what a panic attack really felt like, and how silly I was to ever use that expression to describe a small scare. Oh yes now I knew what a panic attack felt like, and I hated it.

I felt so confident when I left the hospital after having my first panic attack. The doctors told me I was in good health, and had sent me home with no explanation to what had just happened to me. As I was driving home I started noticing that little fear growing in my stomach, and my body was starting to shake uncontrollably. You know how as a teenager going on a roller coaster you get out, maybe a bit shook up, and show your friends around you your shaking hands, mind you laughing about it. Well this shaking was scaring me to death, and it was no laughing matter. Thinking of it now, maybe I should have laughed about it, I might have not ended up in the cycle of fear!

No people that have never experienced a panic attack have no clue how scary it can be, that the emotions and thoughts of one dying are so real, that you believe them yourself. Nevertheless, we don’t have to believe them, we don’t have to fear, we don’t have to jail ourselves in our minds, houses, and with safe people. No we can be as independent as we used to be, as strong and courageous as we used to be, and as happy we used to be. All we have to do is face the fear.

Yes I know, I am going through it myself, it’s hard! It might even be the hardest thing you have done in your life so far; however, it’s so worth it. I have had surgeries before, I have two sons, I lost my father to cancer, and yes I can say this has been the toughest trial I have gone through in life.

Start writing. I started a journal years ago for other reasons, and just have continued it after my panic attack. It helps me to write down my emotions, what I have experienced, how my life is going, and what I want to accomplish. I have noticed that I feel much better when I write. I can’t stress it enough, start writing. You can look back and see what symptoms you have had, how you felt, and what a progress you have made. This will show in a logical way that the fear is not dangerous, the symptoms are not dangerous, and that we only have to internalize that to lead a happier life. Face the fear and make it disappear for good!

If you need a special journal get your Panic Journal here or go to Published – Journals.