How to Write Poetry – The Pen

A lot of things have changed with the years, including my interests. I was never a big reader, never a writer, never a poet, but now, now I take interest in all those things, I would even say I am some of those things. I do not write on a daily basis, nor do I have a set schedule to write, I just do when I feel the overwhelming feeling of writing.

If you ask me how to write poetry, I would tell you, “I don’t know”, I just write what comes to mind and call it poetry.

I wrote the piece below over two years ago. It reflects some of my life experiences, emotions, self esteem, and how I see myself. I hope you enjoy it.

The Pen

I am a writer
Call me what you want
I am a writer
No expensive education needed
only a pen
and maybe paper too
No time consuming classes
With time consuming teachers too
I am a writer
Did you hear!
Grammar and passion 
Ideas and faith
And truth not to forget
Call me a poet
I don't care
But I am a writer
And a woman too!

-Cristina Tarantino 1/19/2015

copyright Cristina Tarantino