Sunday Trip When All Businesses and Stores Are Closed – Odenwald And Breuberg Castle

My husband went to a retreat a couple of weeks ago at the Odenwald (Germany), and was very fascinated with the surrounding area of the city. He had told me that it was a smaller city, peaceful with many hiking opportunities. He also mentioned a castle. I took note of it, but somehow didn’t pursue the thought of going to see this castle. I don’t think I even looked at it online, until last Sunday.

It was actually not me who pointed out that we should go to that castle. I wanted to go see the Odenwald for a while now; however, I had no real plan on what to see there. I had no location other than seeing nature; I figured we would encounter a castle or ruin on the way, there were plenty around. However, my husband started looking up places at the Odenwald on that morning, and Breuberg Castle popped up. It wasn’t too far from home, only around an hour drive. So we had breakfast and headed out, starting our adventure.

The drive was peaceful as always on a Sunday, since all businesses and stores were closed as usual. I love that one day out of the week nothing is open, no shopping, and no running around trying to get the last minute sale. Sundays are relaxing days to spent doing nothing or taking trips with the family, and that is what we were doing.

An hour drive goes by very quickly, and before we knew it we were driving off the highway, and taking the winding roads up the mountain. I don’t mind driving up the mountain as long as the road has a rail, and it’s not all too steep. This incline wasn’t too bad, and we encountered multiple parking areas at different elevations. These were there I am sure to give people the opportunity to hike up the mountain to the castle. We chose to park at a higher elevation, since my sons legs were sore from the soccer games he had played the two days prior. Nevertheless, even from where we parked it was still a small hike.

When we arrived at the top of the mountain I was instantly in awe with the size and condition of this castle. It was huge and very much intact. This 1300th century castle is actually among the best preserved castles in Germany. I started instantly taking pictures, taking advantage of the emptiness, as to not get anyone in my shot. I walked through the gate into the court yard where I could see a guide retelling historic information to a group.  I turned around and spotted a really old canon. I immediately walked over to admire and touch this old artillery.

I didn’t know which way to walk through first, since the castle and its grounds were extremely big. We started with what looked like it could have been the castles moat. It was now a huge grass field that went all around the castle. We saw a big round tower secluded from the main building. Some snails had made it their home. The grass field on the back side of the castle also had a basketball hoop and two soccer goals. There were also benches encircling a huge pile of ashes, probably a bond fire from the night before. All this did not surprise me, since I had read that this castle was used as a youth hostel.  What an awesome place to take a field trip to.

After walking around the castle, we went through another gate into the court yard. It was fascinating how many different styles of architecture this old structure had. I had read that this was due to all the expansions throughout the last 850 years. The court yard had a small café, which was filled with people on this Sunday morning. My son wanted ice cream so as we walked past a table filled with men, they started staring at us. Sometimes I wonder if people even realize that they are staring. I smiled, gave them the peace sign, and hoped that his would be a subtle way of telling them to stop staring.  I guess they did not expect to see a woman in hijab and a man with a beard looking at this cool historic building. Anyways, we bought the ice cream, finished walking through the court yard, took many more pictures, and eventually headed back to the car. As we were walking out towards the outside court yard of the castle, I was intrigued to see that it had picnic tables, providing people with a place to eat and relax while enjoying the surrounding.

Walking towards the car took us again through the small forest area. I had an encounter with a flying bug, and had to be even more careful not to walk into silkworms hanging from trees. Let’s just say I was glad when we were through the forest area, and back at our car. I love hiking, but I am a firm believer of live and let live. I don’t get close to bugs, I expect the same from them lol.

Anyways, if you are planning to visit Germany this location is definitely worth seeing. The castle grounds require no entrance fee, and the guided tours are very inexpensive; however, I asked and was told that the tour was in German, so if you don’t understand German better read about the castle before visiting.

Some pictures from our trip:

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