Rise Above Hate Speech – Teenager Being Insulted While Playing PlayStation

I am sure it’s safe to say that the majority of people around the world cringe their noses when they hear the name Trump. Most wonder how someone like him could have come into power, and others wonder how much of a racist someone has to be to vote for him. It is no secret that hate crimes have gone up, and that people all of a sudden feel they have the right to harass others because of their skin color, ethnicity, or religion.

These harassments have been mainly occurring in the states with derogatory speech, name calling, and being cursed at.  Apparently they don’t care if a person is an American citizen; if they are bilingual or a bit tanner they seem not to belong. Nevertheless, the abuse of a Trump supporter is not limited to face to face interaction as my son experienced just a couple of days ago.

First I have to explain that we are a mixed culture family. My husband was born and raised in the States (his grandparents have an European background), and I was born and raised in Germany; however my parents are from Spain. Although we lived in the states for years, we currently live in Germany.

My son who is a teenager plays on the PlayStation with other people online. Although he has a certain group he usually plays with, sometimes they add a new player, someone who they don’t know. This time it was a person from Canada, but he lives somewhere in the states. My son’s PlayStation is located in the living room; I did that on purpose because if he was cooked up in his room I would not be able to monitor who he is playing with.

So I was sitting behind my son on the couch and noticed that he was getting upset at something. I tried ignoring him, since I was reading a book and thought he had lost a game or something, and that is why he was getting upset. So I hear him reading something while getting upset, and I hear the word spic. Somehow that word caught my attention, and I looked up from my book and asked him what the matter was. I didn’t know what spic meant; maybe that is why it caught my attention. I asked my son what spic meant, and he didn’t know either. So I googled the word and saw that it was used in a derogatory way for people from South America who speak Spanish. I was thinking to myself, huh my son doesn’t even know Spanish, something I still regret today, but that is another story for another day.

So I asked my son, why is this guy saying that to you? So my son starts showing me the prior conversation with this guy. Apparently he was trying to tell my son that he was poop, but of course he used the S word; however, he was trying to write it in German, and misspelled it big time. My initial thought was huh how does he know my son knows German, and then I chuckled because of how silly this guy was being. If I would insult someone in another language, at least I would make 100% sure that the spelling is correct, so as to not look so ridiculously silly. On the third try this guy finally spelled the S word in German correctly (probably thanks to google translator). I read my sons response, and that is what he pretty much told this dude, to learn how to spell.

So I guess this might have hurt his ego because then he went on to say that Trump would deport us, hmmm hard to do to an American citizen, and not to mention we currently don’t even live in the states to be deported lol. Since that didn’t have the effect this guy wanted, I think he wanted my son to start cursing at him, the guy started telling my son that he is a Nazi, and that his father (my husband) is Hitler. I think this is the point where my son and I started laughing. Since that didn’t have the effect the guy was looking for either, he started telling my son that he has Down syndrome. At this point I was very disgusted by this disturbed person and told my son to block him, which he did and moved on playing. What I should have done is take pictures of the conversation and report him to PlayStation.

This guy was pathetic. My son makes no secret of his heritage, nationality, what country he lives in, or what religion he is, apparently this guy had heard these information and thought he could get some kind of reaction, or just simply harass my son by verbally abusing him. The pathetic thing is he agrees with Trump, but is currently an immigrant in the U.S. himself. I think some people are just so full of hate that they will agree with anyone that is spreading hate, they just simply jump on the bandwagon.

Although we usually want to protect our children from people like that, I thought this was a very good lesson for my son, to show him to be more careful who he picks to play with, and to teach him to rise above people like that.