Three Things You Could Change To Easily Match Spring Season

Spring season has arrived in many parts of Germany. Next to the warmer weather, one can also witness the blooming of trees and flowers. It is amazing to see how the bare branch of a tree can become filled with little leaf buds within days. Blossoms are out in full force, and their amazing purple/pinkish color fills the eye with awe, and the soul with happiness.

With the change of season, however, the trees and flowers are not the only ones climbing out of their winter coats. Stores almost silently make major changes to offer a collection of fashion spring wear/items, which entices people to go shopping, thus changing their complete wardrobe and home decor. Pastel and bright colors are in, replacing the dark and gray collection of jackets, scarfs, and gloves. Yes we can call them spring colors, and seeing people in spring colors has a contagious effect of feeling uplifted and happy.

1. Accessories

Accessories like bags and purses can either be an enhancement for ones outfit, or be disastrous, ruining your entire¬†look. Yes accessories don’t have to cost an arm and a leg, but they generally need to match the season. Sporting a winter hand bag in the spring, not a wise move. Not because the winter bag isn’t nice looking, but because it just looks out of place with all the vibrant colors.

Spring Bag

2. Shoes

Shoes are such an import part of Spring. White, pink, baby blue, and even red can give the outfit a Spring like look. Vibrant colors, combined with a delicate ballerina style, screams Spring is here, and I am enjoying every bit of it.

Spring Shoes 
By Madewell

3. Home Decor

Feeling happy and comfortable in ones home is very important. Constantly looking at the same decoration and layout of furniture can be boring, and in many cases dreadful. An easy and inexpensive solution is to change the layout around once in a while, I don’t know, how about in the Spring time. Don’t be afraid to add some new pieces of decor. It does not have to be anything big or fancy, maybe a lighter curtain, a new pillow, or a new vase. Maybe a new clock, or a more vibrant wall picture. Anything¬†minor would go a long way in making the house look more Spring like.

Spring Picture & Pillow

So you see, matching Spring Season does not need to be expensive, it only has to be stylish and pleasing to the eye.