Heading For One Destination But End Up Somewhere Else – Weekend Trip

Our last weekend trip was the weekend right before the month of Ramadan. I would not dare try to take a trip where some hiking would be involved, especially with all that heat that we were having these past days. So I wanted to get out of the house, I really didn’t care where we were going; however, most attractions cost money and castles don’t, unless you take the tour. I am happy to just see the outside, so I did some googling, and found a place quite close to home. We had decided to see Zwingenberg Castle, or better known as Burg Zwingenberg. This castle is located between Eberbach and Mosbach.

As we were driving to that castle, we took a wrong turn, and ended up in a small town called Hirschhorn. We were about to turn around when we spotted the castle up on the mountain ridge. It looked beautiful, and I was instantly not sure if we should keep on driving another 15 minutes to Zwingenberg Castle, or just visit Hirschhorn castle, and call it a day. I looked at my husband, but he was looking back at me, trying to read me, to see what I would rather like to do. A 15 minute drive is usually nothing to us when we are out adventuring; however, on that day it seemed too far. So we decided to just skip Zwingenberg Castle, and visit Hirschhorn Castle instead.

I was definitely not disappointed. Hirschhorn castle is a beautiful place. It was built around 1250, and right away we could see that people still lived in some parts of the castle. In fact, the castle was turned into a hotel, and even had a restaurant. Nevertheless, it is open to tourists just wanting to look around the fascinating structure. We walked through the castle gate, and past the small court yard we encountered a goat. Of course my husband couldn’t resist petting it, and the goat seemed to enjoy it because it wouldn’t leave his site (there was a gate between the goat and my husband). Right behind the court yard was the main castle building, which is now a hotel, and beyond that stood the tower, which is called witch tower.

The tower is still in good shape, and one can easily walk up some steps to get to it; however, those steps were dark and steep. Makes one wonder how they navigated through a castle back in the days. Once on the tower the small village surrounding the castle was visible. Next to the tower entrance was a small rose garden with benches to sit on and reflect. Like I said I was not disappointed, it was a fascinating place.

After we got home I googled Hirschhorn castle to read some history about it, and the page I found also had some info about Zwingenberg Castle. It stated that it was privately owned, which usually means one can not just stroll around the castle, so I was very happy we didn’t drive the extra 15 minutes, or I would have been disappointed.

Here are some pictures of our trip

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