Color and Learn the Prophets Names – Children Learn Best When Coloring

This blog entry is somewhat smaller, and it highlights the importance of children’s education in the form of coloring and playing. It’s no secret that children learn best when they are playing or coloring. It’s a relaxed and fun environment. No pressure, no stress, and no fear of failing. It’s also an easier way for teachers to teach, since the children want to learn, and are super excited to what is going on, instead of retaliating and refusing to do the work.

Our children learn the main subjects in school, English, Math, Science, and Social Studies. These take up most of their time in school, as well as after school with homework. That leaves little time to do anything, or teach anything else, unless the child is home schooled.

Not every child goes to a Saturday or Sunday Islamic school, thus Islam and the stories of our prophets get told here and there, if at all. I wanted to change this by publishing a coloring book with 24 names of great prophets, and 24 wonderful designs to go with it. This would let the child be creative while learning the names of the prophets in Arabic, English, as well as in transliteration. I was hoping to spike their interest to learn their stories, since many children either carry the same name, or have friends with a prophets name.

Also during Ramadan we see an increase of children’s activities in the mosques, as well as during the Taraweeh prayer. Children are encouraged to paint and color things like the Kaaba, Dates, Mosques, etc. This keeps them busy while the parents are praying, and at the same time it teaches them some key points of their religion.

The Prophet’s Names Coloring Book is available on Createspace and Amazon. If you are interested in purchasing this book, or know someone that would be click here (for createspace) or here (for amazon).