If You Fall Get Back Up – Stay Motivated – Skateboarding Can Be Dangerous

Life can be at times difficult, or one can get easily discouraged by certain situations, especially when one hits a rough spot. Stay motivated, and don’t let a small fall discourage you from getting back on that horse (metaphor). It helps having people around that portray that, people that fall and are not afraid of getting back up to try it again, or something similar. I was reminded of this again last week when my husband had an incident.

It was a sunny and warm day. Just days prior my younger son (12) had bought himself a skateboard with his Ramadan Eid money because that is the sport he wanted to pursue. So since the weather was so nice my husband took him to the skate park. I on the other hand was taking my oldest son (14) to soccer practice. The soccer field is located only five minutes from the skate park, and for a minute I thought of joining my husband there. However, the thought of a quiet home was too enticing, and I decided to go home instead. I called my husband to let him know, and also asked if he could pick up our oldest son from soccer in two hours, since he was around the corner. It was all planned out, and I was on my way home.

It took me ten minutes to get home. I parked, walked upstairs, took my shoes off, and unlocked the door when my phone rang. I answered as I was opening the front door. It was my husband, and I noticed in his voice that he was a bit shook up. He didn’t waste any time telling me that he had fallen, and was now bleeding. He was unsure if he should head to the ER, so he was asking me to come to the skate park to assess the wound, which was under his chin, and possibly give him a ride, since he couldn’t drive just yet due to dizziness. I didn’t know how badly he was hurt, but I knew he was a bit shook up, so I turned around, walked out of the front door, locked it, put my shoes on, and headed for the car. It would take me ten minutes to get to him, and I was hoping not to get into too much traffic.

Upon arrival I saw my son standing on the side of the road waving me towards them. I parked and then saw my husband walk towards the car. Him walking was a good sign I hoped, since I still didn’t know what really happened, how he had fallen, and how badly he was hurt. I got out, looked him over, and could only see the white tissue he was holding under his beard. Of course I wanted to know everything at once, but I started with what happened, and where exactly is the wound.

It was very simple, he was trying out my sons skateboard on the half pipe, and somehow the board got caught on the ground throwing him off balance, as he was trying to regain his balance the board just shot out of under his feet, and he half turned with so much momentum that he didn’t have time to brace his fall. He landed flat on his chin.

After getting the run down of the story, I was going to assess the wound, which I thought was going to be a bit tricky since my husband has a long full beard. ¬†At this point he was trying to tell me that he would just wait out until it stopped bleeding, and that we didn’t have to go to the ER. I didn’t think so, if it was bleeding the entire time it took me to get to him, which was about 10 min, it probably needed stitches. He lifted his chin, and I carefully separated the beard, and yup he definitely needed stitches. We were off to the ER in no time.

It took us probably less than five minutes to get to the ER, but that was enough time to find out that my son had officially quit skateboarding lol. It must have been the blood. He pretty much kept his face halfway hidden in his t shirt, and would rarely look at his dad because of the bloodied tissue he was holding under his beard to catch the drops of blood running down. We went to the front desk, gave them the insurance card, were told to sit in the waiting area, and about ten minutes later my husband was called in. Although he speaks German, I figured I would go with him just in case there are some misunderstandings. I was also a bit curious on if my assessment was correct and he needed stitches. Our son stayed in the waiting area, probably relieved that he didn’t have to see the bloodied tissue anymore.

My husband and I walked into the room, he was made to sit down on the bed, and I stood right next to him. The male nurse asked what happened, and my husband jokingly retold his story, commenting on the fact that concrete was much harder than water (he is more of a surfer than a skateboarder obviously lol). So the nurse checks his wound, and I make the mistake of looking at it up close. See when I spread the beard my husband sucked in air, which told me it was hurting him, so I spread his beard only half way, although I was able to see a wound, I did not see the full damage. Now I was seeing it up close, and I instantly felt nausea’s. The nurse must have noticed because he told me to sit before I would faint. His wound was big and deep, and my assessment of him needed stitches was right. My husband’s main concern was I believe his beard though, and if they would have to cut/shave some off to stitch him up. They didn’t do any shaving, and only did a bit (unnoticeable) of cutting around the wound.

With all the time that had passed since I had arrived home, it was almost time to pick up my son from soccer practice. Since they were taking my husband to get stitched up, I went with our youngest to get our son from soccer, and by the time we came back to the ER he was almost done. He had to get four stitches, and his wound was 1 cm deep. Thank God nothing else other than that, and a bit of knee pain was wrong with him.

So a person such as I would probably stay far away from having small wheels under my feet again, but not my husband. Not one week later, he hadn’t even had his stitches pulled, he buys himself some roller blades.

Although this is not an example of a business deal, an own shop, a change of career, etc. I took this to be an even broader example of not letting past experiences dominate future decisions. Many times we experience things that are scary, and those experiences then are engraved in our brains. When we make future decisions we are more hesitant to try out something similar, or even something else because of the fear we have to fall back down and get hurt again. We have to ask ourselves how many times did we experience the same thing over and over again? We have to learn from others if that is what will get us out of the fear. We have have to surround ourselves with braver people if we are too afraid, maybe they will rub off on us.


Well I figured I would share this, hopefully it will benefit someone. Stay motivated and positive. This advice it pointed towards me as much as towards anyone that needs it.