Walking To Pass Time Until Fast Break – Photography Of Castle & Field

Yesterday we went for a little walk to pass some time, since we still had about two hours until we could break our fast. The fast this year is especially long here in Germany; we start fasting at around 3:30 AM until 9:30 PM.  So since my husband came home a bit earlier from work yesterday, we decided to take a stroll through the city. This would also benefit our 14 year old son, who had surgery last Friday for his appendix. I guess I could recap on this a bit.


So last Friday my son started complaining of bladder pain. Since we had been fasting for almost a week by then, I thought it was a bladder infection from not drinking enough the night and morning prior. Since he didn’t have much pain my son decided to keep on fasting, with the mental note to drink a lot that night. He would then decide if he could fast the next day, or if we would have to take him to the doctor to get antibiotics. By the late afternoon he mentioned the pain again, but then decided to take a nap. Before he took a nap I asked him what symptoms he had, and if it burned when urinating. He answered no, that he just had pain in his bladder. I thought this was strange because the common symptom of a bladder infection is the burning sensation when urinating. He slept, and I pushed the dreading thought by side hoping that he would wake up, drink plenty and be ok.

Around 7 PM we heard moaning from my son’s room, and when we went to him he could barely get off his bed because the pain was so bad. I told him to tell me where exactly his pain was, to point to it. My guess was the appendix, and he must have sensed my urgency because he got big eyes, and asked me “why”, I said “because if the pain is mainly on your right side it’s your appendix”! He confirmed that his pain was mainly on his right side. I looked at my husband, and told him, in the most calmed way, that we must take him to the hospital, immediately!

Although I was almost 100% sure it was the appendix, and I also knew what that meant, I was really hopping I was wrong.

We tried to slowly help him up because he all of a sudden needed to throw up. He walked as clumsily, due to the pain, as possible to the restroom to throw up nothing, since he hadn’t eaten all day. I didn’t know getting sick was a sign of appendix, so I took out my phone and googled appendix symptoms. Sure enough, I was already bracing myself for my son going through surgery that night. Now we just needed to get him to the hospital ASAP because now I thought that his appendix had raptured due to the severity of his pain, and his overall state. A raptured appendix could be life threatening. Again as calm as possible I told my husband we needed to leave right now to the hospital, but I guess I was not calm enough because he looked at me and said don’t panic. This is kind of hard to do as a mother when you are thinking your child’s blood is being poisoned by his own body as we speak. I looked at him and quietly told him what I feared. We grabbed a bag for my son to throw up in, and left to the hospital.

It didn’t take long for him to be seen in the ER. After a urine sample, blood tests, and two ultrasounds on his appendix the surgeon was called, and my son was being prepared for surgery. The fact that he hadn’t eaten all day was perfect conditions to have surgery. They wheeled him to the second floor, and we had to say our goodbyes. This was so difficult!

They said surgery could take 45 minutes to 2 hours. I drove home real quick to get some fresh clothes for my son, and thirty minutes later I was back on the second floor in front of the surgery room, looking real hard at the clock hanging on the wall. The minutes went by real slow. It was almost midnight, and we were the only ones there. We sat down, and I decided to finally eat something. At this point I had only had like two dates and a bit of water, I was not intentionally trying to fast almost 24 hours, food just didn’t taste right at that moment, I was too concerned, and my appetite had kind of vanished.

A couple of minutes after midnight the doctor came out, and told us that everything went fine, Thank God. We were so relieved! A little while after that we were able to go into the recovery room, since my son was the only one there. Around an hour after that my son was transferred to his room, and I went to my sisters, where my younger son was whom she picked up when we were at the ER, to crash for a couple of hours. My husband stayed at the hospital with my son.

Long story short, they told my son to walk a lot in the hospital, so after sitting for a long period on his comfy chair playing PlayStation that day, we decided it was good for him to walk with us around the city.

Continuation from 1st paragraph

So as I was saying, we went for a walk, passing by the Schwetzinger Castle. We also walked passed some fields and a playground. When we left the house to go for a walk I almost forgot to grab my camera. I saw that sunshine outside, and knew we would probably find that early sunset glow while walking. Anyways, some ice creams (for my sons only) and pictures later, we walked back home.

Below are some pictures of that nice little stroll.



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