Early Morning Adventure – Good for the Soul

So last weekend my husband and I took advantage of the great weather, and went sightseeing to the old town of Heidelberg. We went super early as to avoid all the tourist groups. While walking through the city, we found a path leading to the Heidelberg Castle. We hiked up the small mountain, through a path completely new to me, and found ourselves face to face with the beautiful ruin. By that time it was already close to 10 AM, and though the tourists were arriving, we had found a small grassy area within the castle grounds which was completely empty, except for a duck. I guess the duck was also enjoying the peace and quiet, sunbathing on a bench. I was happy to have brought my camera, and as I was shooting pictures, my husband was laying on the ground reflecting on nature and life. I could definitely bring my journal next time, just sit and write.

Heidelberg, Germany

The pictures of our small hiking adventure to Heidelberg Castle can be found in my ‘Gallery’.


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