Lay Off Your Usual Routine – Get Out And Adventure

Humans, they build a routine and most of the times have a hard time getting out of their daily chores. Every day and weekend they find themselves doing the same thing over and over again. Yes we all fall into that trap! The trap of Netflix, 500+ cable channels, and dvd move night. It takes only the first step to say, No! This weekend I will do something else. I will choose a place, even if it’s just twenty minutes away, and I will go adventure. I will hike and walk for a while if necessary, and I will enjoy every single minutes because I am doing something different.


Don’t listen to the little voice that tries to tell you that sitting on the couch, on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, is more fun than seeing a new city, castle, ruin, or monument. Most likely it’s not! I know I get this little voice sometimes, especially on longer trips. I would like to go really bad, but just the thought of the two or three hours’ drive makes me feel lazy and discouraged. You have to push past that! Once you are on the road you will enjoy it. Think about taking country roads instead of highways, it might take a bit longer to get to your destination, but it’s much more enjoyable.  


You can start small with just an afternoon walk, or a sunset walk, or if you are a morning person try a sunrise walk. The sunrise walks are my favorite, especially when I walked up a mountain, it’s just breathtaking. Believe me your city has many little treasures that you have not found yet, get out and try and find them.


I personally love going to little villages around the bigger cities. Depending on the village some of their houses are much older, which is just fascinating, and usually here in Germany they have some kind of a castle/ruin on a small mountain.


I think you get my point. Get out and do something, adventure, reflect, and enjoy the nature God created. 

copyright Cristina Tarantino

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