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A while ago we took a small trip to the Wachenburg (castle) in Weinheim, Germany. We drove for a while, since this castle is situated a bit higher up on a mountain. The weather was rainy and a bit gloomy, and it was getting dark already. The drive up the mountain felt extremely long, and when we finally arrived I saw it was very foggy. I had brought my camera, and though the fog was giving the castle a cool, and somewhat scary effect, I was not sure how much I was going to be able to see from the viewing platform.

We slowly made our way into the court yard of the castle, entrance was free, and were amazed by the look of it. It was big, clean, and very new looking. In fact this castle had been built not too long ago. I was taking pictures of some of the architecture, slowly walking towards the platform. It was not raining anymore, but the fog was still quite dense. I hadn’t realized how dense the fog was until I arrived at the viewing platform. I saw only white fog and clouds. I was a bit disappointed, but I made a mental note to return another time, when the weather was a bit nicer. This I did.

The last couple of weeks we have been having beautiful sunsets with orange and red skies. I have been wanting to go to a somewhat higher location to catch one of these beautiful sunsets, and so I thought of Weinheim. Spontaneously last Friday I got my camera and Tripod, and we headed towards Weinheim. It only took us about 20 minutes, and somehow the drive up the mountain seemed less long this time around. The parking area was fairly empty, and I wasted no time walking to the platform.

The weather was clear with some clouds, and a chilly wind. We arrived during golden hour, and I was surprised how little color was in the sky. I had hopped for a dark red sunset, but it was looking as if light orange was going to be the color that evening. I was also quite surprised about the view. I guess I was expecting a landscape of nature, instead it was the view of the city, go figure. Also, considering the drive up the mountain I thought the city looked quite near. I put up my tripod, set the cameras settings, and started shooting some pictures. All in all it is a nice location to take pictures, and to just hang out and watch the sunset.


Sunset in Weinheim


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